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A team captain or representative is responsible for notifying the Intramural office if his/her team are unable to participate in their scheduled game by 2 p.m. of game day, or 2 p.m. Friday for Sunday games. A default will result in a loss for the defaulting team and a sportsmanship rating of "3.0" for the game.


Late or no notification of a team’s inability to participate in a scheduled game will result in a team forfeit. One forfeit eliminates each player of forfeited team from all further intramural play. It is possible for a team who has forfeited only one time to continue play by paying a $20 fee to the Wellness Center (inside the main office) within 24 hours and/or before the team’s next scheduled game. Forfeits result in a loss for the offending team and a sportsmanship rating of “O”. Again, every member of the forfeiting team will be suspended from all intramural activity until the team forfeit fee of $20 has been paid.