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2021-22 Schedule


Intramural participants will have scheduling options on IMLeagues. Activities are typically set up with four teams per division within competitive, recreational, or open leagues. Each division will be scheduled at a specific day and time for the regular season games. Unless moved for a holiday or weather related interruption, all regular season games will be played on the same day and time as indicated by the division a team registers for.


Sportsmanship is a key component to the participant experience and a main focus of USD Intramurals. After each game, officials and the site supervisor will collaborate together to determine the sportsmanship rating for each team based upon a 0-4 scale (0 being the worst). If you would like to see more information about how the sportsmanship rating scale works, please refer to Handbooks and Manuals.

Risk Statement

Any participant whose physical condition or health status is such that playing an intramural contest might be detrimental to him/her, is ineligible to participate unless written permission has been obtained from certified medical personnel. The Wellness Center staff and the University of South Dakota are not responsible for any injuries, health problems or otherwise that might occur to any person playing intramural sports.


  1. All players must meet the eligibility rules.
  2. Only protests concerning player eligibility and misinterpretation of the rules will be considered by Intramural staff. Official’s judgment may not be protested.
  3. If the protest does not involve eligibility, it must be made upon the field/court of play and duly noted by the intramural official/supervisor. The protesting team must make sure that the exact score, half, time remaining, possession of the ball and other particulars of the play are noted by the officials and supervisor in charge BEFORE resuming play. Both teams and officials must be told that the game is being played under protest. If the protest cannot be resolved during the point of interruption, the contest will be replayed starting from the point of protest, if the protest is sustained (except eligibility protests).
  4. All protests must be followed up in writing and submitted to the Wellness Center by 2 p.m. the day following the contest in question. Saturday, Sunday and days the Center is closed do not count and the protest should be submitted on the first day after the occurrence (this does not apply during the post-season tournament).

After investigating a protest, a decision made by the Assistant Director of Activities or Graduate Assistant of Activities will be made.

Rules and Information

In the fall of 2017, we replaced our pre-season captain's meeting with online rules quizzes via the IMLeagues Portal. Prior to registering or joining a team for any league sport, you must pass the quiz assigned to that sport. The quiz is the last step in the sign-up process for these sports. The current rules will be attached to that online quiz, and you can also find the rules for all our sports via the "Handbooks and Manuals" tab on IMLeagues. If you have not passed the quiz prior to your game, your name on the team roster will be crossed out with the word quiz in parentheses, which will render you ineligible to play for that game. 

Playoff Meeting

A playoff meeting will take place shortly after the regular season ends. During this meeting, teams will choose their own spot in a playoff bracket. The order of choice is indicated by each team’s playoff seed which is determined by the following categories: winning percentage, sportsmanship rating, head-to-head record and overall point differential. If a team fails to have a representative present at the playoff captains’ meeting, that team will be placed in the first open spot in their respective bracket after all other teams have selected spots.