personal training at the USD Wellness Center

Certified personal trainers provide fitness programs that are individualized to your own personal needs and goals. Whether it is for weight loss, muscle gain, strength improvement or if you just need someone there to keep you motivated, our trainers are here to help. Personal training is available to students, members and non-members. Visit the Wellness Center with completed forms to sign up today!

Training Packages

5 Session 10 Sessions 20 Sessions 30 Sessions
Single $120 plus tax $205 plus tax $395 plus tax $550 plus tax
Group (2)* $70 plus tax $115 plus tax $195 plus tax $280 plus tax
Group (3+)* $55 plus tax $90 plus tax $140 plus tax $190 plus tax

*Rates are per person

Six Week Program Design - $80

Don’t want a trainer, but not exactly sure what to do when you’re in the gym? You can request a 6-Week Program Design! Designed specifically towards your goals by a personal trainer, the 6-Week Program will give you structure using a safe and effective approach to training. The program is a 3 day per week program that is broken up into a two(2) 3-week phases which will ensure progression, avoid training plateaus, and give variations in exercise selection to make the program FUN!

The program includes a 30 minute pre- and post- consultation/assessment where you and the trainer will determine how to reach your goals, and two (2) 60 minute sessions prior to the start of each phase of the program. 

Getting Started

  1. Complete new client information form and personal training contract
  2. Submit paperwork with payment to Wellness Center
  3. A certified personal trainer will contact you within three days to schedule a fitness assessment

Personal Training New Client Paperwork

Training Programs

Free Equipment Orientation

Do you want to learn how to use our equipment? Members can receive a free orientation with one of our trainers. Preregistration in the main office is required.

In-Body - $6

The InBody uses the bioelectric impedance analysis method to provide a comprehensive view of body composition balance.Assess the distribution of fat and lean body mass by receiving a body composition assessment.  This measurement is useful when conducting pre and post testing.  Plan approximately 10 minutes for the assessment.