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From personal training to group fitness, we offer services that help everyone get fit and stay well. But don't just take our word for it - see what some of our members are up to and what they have to say about the Wellness Center.

Lindsey Hayes

Lindsey Hayes - Coordinator, Student and Institutional Assessment

"USD's Wellness Center is central to my health and wellness goals.  When I faced a major health crisis, the Wellness Center staff encouraged and motivated me to continue being active as activity, however small or great, helps to promote healing.  I enjoy the variety of classes offered by amazingly experienced instructors, the equipment is always in working order, and the facility itself has a high standard of cleanliness.  With flexible hours and availability of classes, I'm able to find times that work with my busy schedule."

Kal Simons

Kal Simons - Wellness Center Member 

"The Wellness Center has become important to me as a facility providing a clean, weather-controlled environment. It has a wide variety of stationary machines to work on all aspects of the body. It gives me a walking track to build stamina and has also provided an opportunity to help with weight loss.   Silver Sneakers offers a membership, so this gives me an incentive to get up and go. One of the perks I have seen is staff coaches providing instructions and training to individuals so they don’t hurt themselves.  As an ex-employee of USD, I was familiar with the facility and its services. The USD and Vermillion community"

Katey Ulrich

Katey Ulrich - Katey Ulrich, Director of Admissions & Marketing at USD Knudson School of Law

"The USD Wellness Center provides so many options to stay active!  From intramural sports, group fitness classes, fitness bootcamps, and their top-notch equipment, there is always something to motivate me to stay active.  They do a great job educating the campus and Vermillion community on healthy behaviors as well as having educated staff that can help you meet your goals.  I love having access to a premier wellness center in Vermillion along with the other amenities they provide throughout the year! "

 Rylan Pratt - USD Student 

"I am so grateful to have a fantastic facility like the Wellness Center so that I can have a great place to continually better myself.  The Wellness Center offers everything I could ever need, and I am always finding new ways to push myself at the gym!  Because of the Wellness Center, I can continue to push myself physically more than I ever have been able to before!