Summer University Program of The Indian University of North America


Courses Available:
Students will be placed in the appropriate English or Math classes based on ACT scores.


Course Title

Credit Hours

A&S 100

College Success Strategies :This course is designed to engage students in their college experience, both academically and personally. The course aids students as they acquire and develop the skills necessary to reach their educational objectives. Through readings, discussions, reflective writing, and class activities, all of which illuminate a specific topic, students will practice skills that will enable them to succeed in their college courses.


ENGL 101

Composition I: (ACT English sub-score of 18-36)
ENGL 101 is practice in the skills, research, and documentation needed for effective academic writing.  Analysis of a variety of academic and non-academic texts, rhetorical structures, critical thinking, and audience will be included.


MATH 102

College Algebra: (ACT Math sub-score of 20-24)
Equations and inequalities; polynomial functions and graphs, exponents, radicals, binomial theorem, zeros of polynomials; systems of equations; exponential, logarithmic, and inverse functions, applications and graphs. Other topics selected from sequences, series, and complex numbers.


PSYC 101

General Psychology
This course is an introduction survey of the field of psychology with consideration of the biological bases of behavior, sensory and perceptual processes, learning and memory, human growth and development, social behavior and normal and abnormal behavior.


SPCM 101

Fundamentals of Speech:
Introduces the study of speech fundamentals and critical thinking through frequent public speaking practice, including setting, purpose, audience, and subject.


NATV 194*

Native Studies Internship:
Applied, monitored, and supervised field-based learning experience combined with face-to-face instruction of Native culture. Students gain practical experience; they follow a negotiated and/or directed plan of study. A higher level of supervision is provided by the instructor in these courses than is the case with field experience courses.


*Combined instruction and a paid working internship.

All students enroll in up to 12 credit hours; students' academic and work schedules will be determined on or before Program Orientation.


Students must commit to the entire program. The rigorous nature of the program means students will be busy every weekend. Recreational activities will be scheduled periodically for students throughout the week program.