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  1. Is printing monitored in the labs?
    Yes, in some of the labs on campus Pharos Uniprint is installed to track printing.
  2. Which labs are using this software?

    - Academic Commons - 1st floor I.D. Weeks Library
     - School of Business Lab - Beacom 240
     - School of Education Lab - Delzell 109
     - Computer Science Lab - McKusick Technology 201
     - University Housing Labs
     - Contemporary Media and Journalism - Media Center 207
     - School of Medicine
     - Law School

  3. Is there a charge for printing in the labs?

    There is a $28.00 allotment for each academic year. Once this allotment has been depleted, there is a $0.07 charge per page for black and white printing and a $0.42 charge per page for color printing.

  4. Who can print using Pharos Uniprint?

    Any USD student, faculty or staff member with a current Coyote Card and USD username and password can print in any of the labs where Pharos Uniprint is available. Please visit the Coyote Card Office in the MUC to obtain a Coyote Card and visit the Accounts Pickup page to determine your USD username.

  5. Why do I have to log in to Pharos Uniprint every time that I print?

    One of our primary concerns is the prevention of unauthorized printing from another user's account. Entering a username and password for every print job eliminates this possibility.

  6. Is Pharos Uniprint going to be expanded to other labs?

    Yes, plans are in the works to implement Pharos Uniprint in other labs on campus.

  7. How do I add money to my Coyote Card account?
      • Automatic machine near the MUC Information Desk

      • Call the Coyote Card office with a credit card

      • Stop by the Coyote Card office in the MUC

  8. Can I bring my own paper?

    No, you are not allowed to bring your own paper.

  9. Can I print from my personal laptop?

    Yes, in certain labs, you are able to print from your personal laptop once you have  the lab specific Pharos package.