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We'd Like to Help

Information Technology Services and Facilities would like to work with you to expedite the approval of your grant proposal and ensure the success of your project. All proposal writers are encouraged to contact ITS to discuss your information technology and facilities/infrastructure needs.

Do I need to contact ITS or Facilities when preparing my project?

Projects requiring significant ITS resources should be discussed well in advance of proposal submission. If the answer to any of the following questions is yes you should contact us.

  • Will you be purchasing specialized hardware?
  • Will you be remodeling campus buildings, adding new space, or renting or leasing additional space?
  • Will you be incorporating new software into an existing computer system?
  • Do you require database development or maintenance and support?
  • Do you anticipate significant changes to your needs in the following areas?
    • storage space
    • cooling
    • ventilation
    • electricity
    • network connectivity
    • physical security
  • Do you anticipate transmitting large amounts of research data to off campus facilities?
  • Will you be developing or revising a public Web site?
  • Will you be generating more than 500 gigabytes of electronic data per year?
  • Will you be purchasing or require access to High Performance Computing resources?

What are Some of the IT Issues That You May Need to Address for Your Project?


  • If you are purchasing audio-visual or classroom technology, what are the requirements?
  • If you are purchasing laboratory equipment, provide the name of the manufacturer, a description of the model, and the part number.
  • If you are purchasing computing devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones) provide the specifications and requirements of each.
  • Is vendor support and maintenance required?


  • Will you be sharing research data with other facilities?
  • Will you be conducting voice or video conferencing on the university network?


  • Is data backup required?
  • Is archival storage required?
  • How much data needs to be stored?
    • How long does your data need to be stored?
    • How will you access your data (local file share, FTP, web)?
  • Where will you access your data (on campus, off campus, other institutions)?

Security and Compliance

  • Do any regulatory issues apply to the data and technologies involved with your project? (HIPPA, FERPA, GLBA, etc...)
  • Are there specific security issues governing who may or may not have access to your data and equipment?


  • Will you be purchasing specialized software?
    • What are the licensing requirements?
  • Is vendor support and maintenance required?


  • What level of grant funding is available?
  • Will technology resources need to be maintained beyond the grant period?