O’Connor is a graphic design major from Vermillion. Her work focuses on the importance of visual communication in fashion and design. Her work is also an exploration of the psychology of what one wears and the way in which one uses clothing to both mask and reveal. O’Connor will graduate in December and looks forward to continuing her work as a graphic designer.

Jenkins, a fine arts major with an emphasis in printmaking, is from Sioux City, Iowa. After traveling extensively, he settled in North Sioux City, S.D., and began his art studies at the University of South Dakota. He plans to continue to travel, always seeking the inspiration of new horizons.

Ericsson’s work includes wood-fired ceramics and mixed media drawings. A native of Madison, S.D., she is inspired by everyday processes and the visible history these overlooked cycles leave behind. She will be attending graduate school in January to become a counselor, using art as a form of therapy in her practice.

“Art Soup” is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information, please contact gallery director Alison Erazmus at Alison.Erazmus@usd.edu, or (605) 677-3177.

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