The annual workshop series, hosted by HSAD faculty member Jewel Goodman Shepherd, Ph.D., is aimed at increasing student knowledge of the impact of technology innovation on healthcare management. Students and presenters alike were able to log in virtually to participate in the workshop in real-time. Speakers ranged from graduate students currently working in healthcare to representatives from the leading healthcare organizations in the region.

“As a HSAD faculty member, I am responsible for ensuring students are well prepared for careers in the healthcare industry,” said Shepherd. “Students need engagement and interaction beyond the classroom where they can network with current professionals, propose questions related to the what-if scenarios and become comfortable with the role and responsibility of a healthcare manager.”

This year’s presenters included Mary DeVany, director of telehealth with Nebraska Medicine; Becka DeSmidt, open school community manager with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement; Renae Spohn, director of health information management at Dakota State University; and Angela Jackson, online program manager for the Center for Teaching and Learning at USD.

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