The goals of the project are to provide students with practical experience that incorporates multiple angles of how a business or organization operates.

"Previous clients have said that they were extremely impressed by the quality and capability of students. They have done an excellent job, and their recommendations have been beneficial," said Mark Yockey, chair of entrepreneurship, management and marketing.

Past projects have focused on market research that helps a firm refine new product offerings, or expansion of existing products and services into additional markets. Other projects have included research into product pricing and bundling to enable firms to make strategic pricing decisions.

Businesses benefit by gaining different perspectives on their most pressing projects while gaining access to some of the best business students in the region. Students benefit by becoming familiar with the true cross-disciplinary nature of business, and through working with executives and key decision makers.

Under the direction of accomplished business school faculty, students will apply the concepts of competitive advantages and strategic decision making. They will also use their knowledge and skills to address issues of external analysis, vertical integration, corporate diversification, strategic alliances and globalization.

The deadline for submission is April 7, 2017, with project work occurring between May 15 and August 4. The most successful projects are cross-disciplinary in nature and have a strategic outcome.

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