Koodali was nominated by the Energy and Fuel (ENFL) technical division of ACS for his many contributions to programming activities for ENFL that include, National Program Chair (2014), Program Secretary (2015 to 2017) and organizer for several symposia in cutting-edge research. The award is given to individuals for their outstanding contributions and services to ACS. ACS was founded in 1876 and is the world’s largest scientific society.

According to ENFL, Koodali has made a “very impressive and positive impact on the ENFL division programming.”

Koodali joins the list of over 500 honorees that have received the Salutes to Excellence award from ACS.

Koodali’s research focuses on the application of nanomaterials for solar energy conversion, environmental remediation, and drug delivery to the brain.

Koodali joined USD in 2005 and became a full professor and dean of the Graduate School in 2016.

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