The conference is the nation’s premier showcase of the unique and creative scholarship being performed by undergraduate students across the United States. It offers a unique environment for the celebration and promotion of undergraduate student achievement, provides models of exemplary research, scholarship, and creative activity, and offers student career readiness development. 

NCUR provides presenters from all disciplines and from all institutions of higher learning the opportunity to showcase their work on a national stage. 

NCUR students presenting at conference

The following students represented USD at NCUR.

Tiffany Knecht, a senior from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, presented research regarding cerebrovascular dysfunction and behavior abnormalities in rats with fetal alcohol syndrome. The presentation was entitled, “The Relationship Between Cerebrovascular Dysfunction and Behavioral Abnormalities in Rats Exposed to Alcohol in Utero.”

Shayla Kelly, an accelerated master’s student from Elma, Washington, presented research on how drought can affect the foraging behavior of Northern Leopard Frogs. The presentation was entitled, “Evaluating the Effects of Drought on Foraging Activities in Northern Leopard Frogs.” 

Ruby Hawks, a senior from Hartford, South Dakota, presented research on the interaction between the invasive filter-feeding species  zebra mussels and their common predator  the state-threatened false map turtles. The presentation was entitled, “Measuring Bioaccumulation of Selenium and its Role in Synthesis of Proteins in False Map Turtles.” 

Enerel Crosslin, a sophomore from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, presented qualitative conductive research on the study of literary narrative being applicable to economic policies in small towns in the Midwest. The presentation was entitled, “White Picket Fences: How Narratives Hold Rural Economies of the Midwest in Stagnation.” 

Sable Schulz, a sophomore from Norfolk, Nebraska, presented about vanadium metal clusters and the feasibility of using them in the production of green hydrogen in energy use. The presentation was entitled, “Hydrogen Atom Transfer and Oxygen Activation in Polyoxometalate-Alkoxide Clusters.” 

Olivia Roberts, a junior from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, presented cross-disciplinary research on mathematics and music, specifically group theory concepts from abstract algebra relating to music theory. The presentation was entitled, “Understanding Musical Systems with Zn - Cayley Graphs.” 

Oleksandra Lukina, a junior from Kyiv, Ukraine, presented the results of her contribution to the Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (SuperCDMS) Experiment. The presentation was entitled, “Development of a Cable Checkout Board for the SuperCDMS Experiment.” 

Graciela DeAnda, a senior from Sioux City, Iowa, presented a gallery presentation on migrant workers in the Siouxland area. It focused on applying awareness and understanding to their complex stories and looked closely at their everyday lives. The presentation was entitled, “The Migration Act –Who Are Migrant Workers?”

Christina Nguyen, a junior from Biên Hòa, Đồng Nai province, Vietnam, presented about the pharmacokinetic property of miltefosine, the only oral treatment of Leishmania, a parasitic disease, approved by the FDA currently. The presentation was entitled, “Distribution of an Anti-Leishmanial Miltefosine Between Blood Plasma and Brain.” 

Alexis Slack, a senior from Ankeny, Iowa, presented about the use of micro-CT scans and 3D-printing technologies to create 3D magnetic skull puzzles of various vertebrae skulls. The presentation was entitled, “Using µCT Scans to Create 3D Skull Puzzles as Open-Access Pedagogical Tools for Anatomy Classes.” 

Cassie Thompson, a senior from Sioux City, Iowa, presented research regarding the neurobiology of pain, how it affects learning and memory and how endocannabinoids, the cannabinoids our body makes, might affect the pain experience using the leech as a model animal. The presentation was entitled, "Conditioned Place Avoidance and the Potential Effects of Endocannabinoids in Hirudo verbana, the Medicinal Leech.” 

The theme of the conference, “Research at the Confluence,” represents a "bringing together" of artistic fields and other disciplines. This theme not only represents the goal of the conference, but Eau Claire itself.

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