Employees honored for 10 years of service were Bonnie Bentaas, payroll; Nate Brady, information technology service; Laurie Brown, music; Paul Brueggman, communication disorders; Eric Dalseide, audiovisual services; Richard Ekstrom, physical therapy; Harry Freeman, counseling and psych in education; Marvin Gamble, mathematical sciences; Clinton Gray, chemistry; Emily Haddad, English; Patrick Hauer, physical therapy; Kaius Helenurm, biology; Keith Hansen, obstetrics/gynecology; Barton Kjellsen, basic biomedical sciences; Wendy Knutson, educational administration; Angeline Lavin, Beacom School of Business; Paula Mabee, biology; Charlotte Marek, facilities management; Kim Miller, I.D. Weeks Library; Kimberly Morecraft, basic biomedical sciences; Richard Muller, Beacom School of Business; Lloyd Mork, facilities management; Debra Norris, social work; Jane Olson, graduate school office; Joe Parlett, information technology service; William Richardson, political science; Brittany Schmidt, center for disabilities; Douglas Sevening, facilities management; Cheryl Tiahrt, information technology service; Xuejun Wang, medical research centers; Duane Weinacht, biology; and Paul Wold, facilities management.

Honored for 15 years of employment at USD were Hee-Sook Choi, counseling and psych in education Diane Duin, Beacom School of Business; Albert Fish, facilities management; Michelle Gannon, English;

Anthony Gerdes III, medical research centers;Julie Heine, educational administration;Ruth Hessman, computer science;Geralyn Jacobs, curriculum and instruction;Heidi Johnson, nursing; Leon Korte, Beacom School of Business;Karen Koster, biology; Diane Larson, art;Chad Lavin, intercollegiate athletics; Linda Martinson, graduate school office;Brian Molyneaux, anthropology and sociology;Glenda Ofstehage, honors; Heidi Olson, Headstart;Terri Peterson, housing;Theron Proctor, counseling and psych in education;Kumoli Ramakrishnan, Beacom School of Business, Lynne Roach, Beacom School of Business;Roberta Rude, theatre; Suleman Said, basic biomedical sciences;Francis Schieber, Jr., psychology;Cindy Soyland, health sciences library;Sandra Teigen, nursing;Elizabeth Todd-Bazemore, psychology;Peder Vagle, facilities management;Joseph Vitt, chemistry; and Rosann Weiss, Headstart.

Employees recognized for 20 years of service were Jerome Anderson, I.D. Weeks Library; James Balakier, English; David Boots, intercollegiate athletics; Sandra Carlson, College of Fine Arts; Timothy Case, theatre; Julie Fallan, dental hygiene; Bruce Fischbach, intercollegiate athletics; Eric Hagen, theatre; Priscilla Hagen, theatre; Loraine Hartig, family medicine; Shannon Hirsch, basic biomedical sciences; Arden Junker, facilities management; Yuhlong Lio, mathematical sciences; Beverly Murra, dental hygiene; Kimberly Moore, student counseling center; Sylvia Moore, theatre; Kathy Nelson, College of Arts and Sciences; Robert Reinke, Beacom School of Business; Holly Solem, Headstart; Harry St. Peter, facilities management; Holly Straub, psychology; Janice Strom, earth science/physics; and Judy Struck, Center for Disabilities.

Honored for their 25 years of service at The U were Kay Austin, medical student services; Paul Bliss, basic biomedical sciences; Ann Brunick, dental hygiene; Susan Collins, facilities management; Lisa Hoesing, Headstart; Rhonda Hulkonen, Beacom School of Business; Billie James, TRIO-Upward Bound; Kenneth James, earth science/physics; David Lorenz, academic advising and testing; Debralee Nelson, dental hygiene; and Stephen Yarbrough, music.

Employees honored for 30 years of service were Margaret Banks, history of musical instrument;Lawrence Bradley, anthropology and sociology; Nancy Craig, Beacom School of Business; Gary Dahlin, facilities management; Lawrence Fenton, pediatrics; Jean Henriques, School of Law; Wanda Johnson, basic biomedical sciences; Ardis Lippert, I.D. Weeks Library; and Daniel Neufeld, basic biomedical sciences.

Three employees were recognized for 35 years of employment: Mary Brevik, anthropology and sociology; Andre Larson, history of musical instruments; and Wener Kitzler, language, linguistics and philosophy; Thomas Allen, anthropology and sociology, was honored for his 40 years of service to The University of South Dakota.

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