The award is given each year to one person or organization for exemplary advocacy for the arts and sciences, flowing from a deep commitment to the intrinsic worth of liberal arts education. Past recipients range from college presidents, to leading scholars, to premiere higher education associations, such as Phi Beta Kappa.

“During my tenure as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at USD, I so warmly appreciated the abiding commitment of the faculty and administration to the core principle of liberal education for all students,” said Moen. “Strong support locally, and by my Dean’s Council, was what made it possible for me to advocate nationally for the liberal arts and sciences.”

CCAS is the national organization of arts and sciences deans, with approximately 2,000 members at more than 500 colleges and universities. Moen served as CCAS president in 2008.

After accepting the award online due to the pandemic, Moen delivered remarks to deans entitled, "The Second American Democratic Experiment."

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