“I hope the values of excellence, service and leadership are ingrained in every student that leaves this law school," said Fulton. "I hope our graduates excel in their craft, serve the people around them and lead in their communities.”

Speaking about the recent renaming of the law school to the USD Knudson School of Law in honor of Sioux Falls businessman and lawyer, David Knudson, Fulton stressed the importance of student scholarships. Accompanying the renaming was a $12.5 million gift from Knudson’s friend and colleague, T. Denny Sanford, dedicated to student scholarships.

“A scholarship says somebody else believed in me. We as a law school believe in them,” said Fulton. “We are the state’s law school, and I never want to see a talented South Dakota kid not be able to chase their dream because of cost. Everybody should have an opportunity to be a lawyer.”

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