Reinke, a native of Lennox, South Dakota, received the nationally competitive internship this spring after applying earlier in the year. “I have experience and interest in the field of military history,” he said. “I’ve written quite a bit about the Boer War in South Africa and doctrinal changes from that war to World War I.”

American military history will be the focus of his work this summer under Paul Westermeyer, a historian at the Marine Corps. “He is writing a book and I will be helping him do research on one of three subjects: marines in the Quasi-War with France, marines in Vietnam, or marines in Afghanistan,” Reinke said.

After he graduates next spring, Reinke said he hopes to attend graduate school and study British or European history.

“I find British history to be fascinating,” he said. “It probably started when I used to watch ‘Doctor Who’ but then I got interested in British imperialism and how England tried to maintain its status as its empire began to fall apart.”

Reinke works closely with faculty mentor Kurt Hackemer, Ph.D., professor and chair of history. He also received one of the two College of Arts & Sciences’ Dean Joseph H. Cash Awards for Excellence in Writing this year for a paper on Britain and the Boer War.

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