Sponsored by the George Mason University School of Law, “the Costello Competition stimulates the evolving and unexpected nature of real-life criminal trials by revealing unknown facts and witnesses, as the trial progresses.”

Throughout the tournament, USD represented the Commonwealth of Virginia in prosecuting the hypothetical abduction and rape of a 20-year-old George Mason sophomore through the use of a date rape drug. The competition included such formidable schools as Georgetown, American, Texas, Houston, Virginia, Emory, Cornell, Penn, Brooklyn, LSU, Tulane, BYU, Richmond, William & Mary and other invited teams from throughout the United States.

“We are especially proud of Tyler, Anthony, and Brian, who spent countless night and weekend hours preparing for this ferociously competitive and highly demanding competition," said USD professor Tom Horton, who accompanied the team. "We also would like to thank Professor Ramon Ortiz and former trial team members Andy Fick and Rachel Preheim for giving up so much of their time to help prepare our students for the arduous challenges they successfully surmounted.”

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