Wagner, who received her M.A. in mathematics and B.A. in mathematics education from USD, was selected for her outstanding teaching skills and her ability to work with students in courses such as College Algebra, Quantitative Literacy, and Calculus I. In addition Wagner developed the first Quantitative Literacy course in the state and has developed an online version of that course as well as an online version of Calculus I. She has also been instrumental in implementing and coordinating the Math Emporium approach for teaching College Algebra at USD. A photo of Wagner is available for download at www.usd.edu/press/news/images/releases/Clare_Wagner.jpg.

The Outstanding Instructor Award is given annually to a faculty member in the College of Arts & Sciences who demonstrates outstanding classroom teaching and mentoring of students. The winner receives a cash prize, made possible through an annual gift of the Johnson family. Mary Elizabeth Johnson is a USD graduate in mass communication who served as Chaplain at the Mayo Clinic for over three decades, working closely with women experiencing health issues and loss. Johnson completed graduate work at Seattle University, and served as an adjunct member of the Mayo Medical School.

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