Simonson is a sculpture major from Faith, S.D. His work focuses on viewer interaction and using created mass forms. He focuses on using metal fabrication techniques with a variety of lighting and electrical components and mixed media. Simonson will graduate in May, and looks forward to attending graduate school in Portland, Ore. at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Keller is a painting major from Redfield, S.D. Her first work focuses on paint creating real space through means of occupying a 3-D space. She creates layers of paint and resin to capture the essence of wet paint. Her second work is done in egg tempera and focuses on Jacque-Louis David’s “Napoleon Crossing the Benard.” She replaces the emperor with characters like that of the series “Futurama.” Keller is graduating in May and looks forward to attending graduate school.

Schultz is a sculpture major from Yankton, S.D. Her work stems from material significance to address the concepts of identity, control and feminism. She will graduate this spring with a B.F.A. with hopes of pursuing an M.F.A. in sculpture. Domke is a painting major from Spirit Lake, Iowa. His work focuses on the human form through portraiture. He focuses on traditional methods and techniques for rendering the figures while addressing contemporary design aesthetics through composition. Graduating in May, Domke also looks forward to attending graduate school.

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