Though the museum’s doors are now closed in preparation for the upcoming architectural expansion, the beat goes on in Vermillion with the museum’s NMM Live! music series, held off-site during the interim.

A musical journey through time, “Sound the Trumpets,” will showcase more than 25 historical trumpets and related instruments from pre-history through the instruments of today (and much in between). The program is a fast-paced, humorous, vibrant tour of all styles of brass music -- from Monteverdi to Haydn, Mozart, Kreutzer, Rodrigo, Morricone, Mendez, Ellington, Armstrong and more. The musical survey is complemented by a projection screen, offering compelling imagery, video and narrative throughout.

DiMartino and Foster will be accompanied by collaborative piano artist Robert Jeter as well as special guest performers.

“I have always thought of musical compositions as plays in which I get to play one or more characters,” DiMartino said. “Helping John and I ‘play’ these characters are some of the rarest instruments in the world. John and I have been collecting for decades and have hundreds of cornets and trumpets from all over. The ‘Sound the Trumpets’ is our opportunity to present many vignettes of what we get to do for a lifetime.”

After the concert, audience members have the opportunity to view the instruments up close. Some of the rare instruments include an original English Slide Trumpet (Harris, circa 1740, converted early 19th century) and an original patented Shaw Disc-Valve Cornopean (circa 1845).

General admission is $7 per person. Free to NMM Members, as well as USD staff and students.

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