The art institute provides high school and USD students an opportunity to network and interact with, and get inspired by, other artists. Quick-to-See Smith and Ambrose-Smith agree that collaborating, networking and connecting with other artists have been important to their careers.

“We bring new technology in printmaking with us to show new things that may not have been done before, but we are rewarded in return,” Quick-to-See Smith said. “Students often do something that we don’t expect with materials. They show us something new, and out of that comes something that we will carry forward and teach someplace else.”

Quick-to-See Smith and Ambrose-Smith said they travel around the country to encourage artists to follow their dreams and help them turn their passions into careers.

“Your passions are different than a job. You’re not clocking in and clocking out; it’s twenty-four seven,” said Ambrose-Smith. “It’s a process of life to find what it is that you love and then make it your job.”

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