Moses Ikiugu, PhD, OTR/L, address was entitled, “Occupation and Human Survival: Why does it matter what we do from Dawn to Dusk?” Ikiugu was one of three keynote speakers at the conference at the University of West Kyushu in Kanzaki.

His presentation was part of on-going research that resulted in publication of a book entitled, “Occupational Science in the Service of Gaia: An Essay Describing a Possible Contribution of Occupational Scientists to the Solution of Prevailing Global Problems.”

In the book, Ikiugu presented a framework for occupational behavioral change at the grassroots. The framework consists of education, creating a personal mission statement that addresses the impact one would like to make in the world, identifying daily activities that can fulfill the mission and making a commitment to those activities.

Ikiugu is conducting a pilot project at USD’s School of Health Sciences to test his framework. A photo of Moses is available for download at

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