Liberty Superstores was founded in 1931 by Ernest Patnoe. Now with the third and fourth generations of the family working in the business with more than 130 employees, they attribute their success to continuing to embrace the motto of Founder Ernest Patnoe, “We smile when you come, you smile when you leave”. They are proud to have several employees with over 30 years of tenure and two employees recently hitting the 40 year mark.

Second generation leader Larry Patnoe was present for the award presentation as was third generation leader Don Patnoe. Max Patnoe, fourth generation, accepted the award on behalf of the family. Several key employees were recognized by the Patnoe Family at the evening celebration.

“The Patnoe Family puts in hard work to make their business a success. They embrace the family business culture that their employees and customers respect and appreciate. We are pleased to recognize the Patnoe Family with this well-deserved family business award and will continue to support them as they plan for the future of their business and family,” states Prairie Family Business Association Executive Director Stephanie Larscheid.

The Coca-Cola Excellence in Family Business Award was established in memory of L.E. Mike Messinger and in honor of Michael Messinger to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of family-owned businesses to the economy and the region. This award recognizes multi-generational family businesses with practices and policies that positively impact local business, as well as the neighboring community.

br /> Prairie Family Business Association was founded in 1993 as a South Dakota family business initiative through the University of South Dakota Beacom School of Business with the mission of enhancing the long-term survival and success of its family business members.

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