At the 237th National American Chemical Society (ACS) meeting in Salt Lake City, Koodali and co-contributors Larry E. Erickson of Kansas State University and Ryan M. Richards of the Colorado School of Mines, among several other eminent scientists in the areas of nano- and environmental science, presented their work at the symposium organized by the Industrial and Engineering Chemistry division of ACS, “Nanoscale Materials in Chemistry: Environmental Applications: In Honor of Professor Klabunde.”

While the book describes research on the development of catalysts and adsorbents based on nanoscale materials, it also honors 30 years of research by Professor Kenneth J. Klabunde, a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Kansas State University, and his coworkers. Klabunde has authored two books and started a company, NanoScale Corporation, Inc., which is located in Manhattan, Kan., that produces and markets products for environmental applications. According to the co-editors, this book is for “scientists and engineers who are engaged in research, development and commercialization of nanoscale materials for environmental applications.” In addition, people interested in the pathway from an idea to a final product will find the book extremely valuable.

Download a photo of Dr. Koodali, Ph.D., who teaches courses in physical chemistry and chemical literature at The U.

As part of the ACS Symposium Series, “Nanoscale Materials in Chemistry: Environmental Applications” is available for viewing online at The ACS Symposium Series consists of collections of high-quality peer-reviews chapters authored by experts in their field and edited by recognized leaders in the discipline. For more information about the Department of Chemistry at USD, please go to or contact

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