Krueger’s “The Hippie Papers” are part of a new series of prints and drawings that explore themes of utopianism and euphoria in hippy communes and cults. In “Full Metal Journals,” the new images printed over the digital facsimiles of his high school notebooks are personal free associations combined with more directed images that conjure war, drug culture and early American history. The updated notebooks are rich with psychological dementia describing past and current cultural paranoia.

McNett’s graphic aesthetic and love for narrative work has been translated in many ways. From Viking ship parades in Philadelphia, to Nordic giant resurrections on West Broadway in Manhattan, to dragon slayings in Oklahoma, McNett has a history of large-scale performances. He’s also known for his masks, installations, sculptures, and traditional relief prints. In addition to the prints and large-scale tapestries, McNett’s designs for Anti-Hero Skateboards will be showcased.

The artists plan an exciting collaboration for their visiting workshop, including the creation of a fire giant to be incorporated into the exhibition. Both artists will be in attendance for the reception. For more information about this exhibition or the reception for the artists, please contact University Art Galleries at or by calling (605) 677-5481.

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