Garry, Ph.D., a 2013 recipient of the School of Law’s prestigious Jackson Award, was also a finalist in the literary fiction category of the 2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards for his novel, “The Price of Guilt,” and he was a finalist for a 2013 International Book Award for his book “A Faith Brief: A Lawyer's Argument for Why Faith Prevails Over Doubt.”

A two time recipient of the President’s Awards for Research Excellence at USD (2008 for New or Mid-Career Faculty and 2011 for Established Faculty), Garry is currently working on a book to be published by Oxford University Press. His recent book, “Limited Government and the Bill of Rights” published July 2012,has just been chosen by an academic journal to be featured in an upcoming symposium.

In addition to his literary honors, Garry was one of a select group of national constitutional law experts chosen to speak at a symposium in Charleston, S.C. honoring former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s contributions to First Amendment jurisprudence. O'Connor, who delivered the keynote address at the symposium, retired from the Supreme Court in 2006. Garry received M.A., Ph.D, and J.D. degrees at the University of Minnesota.

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