The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear three cases each day throughout the course of the three-day term, with afternoon sessions reserved for written appellate briefs. Booklets with schedules and a synopsis of each case, along with biographical information on the Justices and a short summary of the appellate procedure, will be available at the School of Law for persons attending any of the Court’s sessions.

Oral arguments to be heard include Zahrbock v. Star Brite Inn, 9 a.m., March 22; State v. Sound Sleeper, 10 a.m., March 22; Perdue Inc. v. Rounds, 11 a.m., March 22; State v. Danielson, 9 a.m., March 23; American Family v. Robnik, 10 a.m., March 23; Reinfeld v. Hutcheson, 11 a.m., March 23; Lawrence County v. Miller, 9 a.m., March 24; State v. Julio Juarez Ralios, 10 a.m., March 24; Unruh v. DeSmet Insurance, 11 a.m., March 24. A complete summary of the cases is available at

“The Supreme Court’s annual visit provides our students with a great educational experience to see the appellate process in action. It’s also an extraordinary opportunity for us to ‘welcome home’ five alumni leaders of the School of Law,” stated Barry Vickrey, dean of the School of Law, who noted that all five members of the South Dakota Supreme Court, Chief Justice David Gilbertson (’75) and Justices John Konenkamp (’74), Steven Zinter (’75), Judith Meierhenry (’77) and Glen Severson (’75) are graduates of the USD School of Law.

The justices have extended an invitation to the public to attend any of the Court’s sessions. To assist with the Supreme Court visit, persons in attendance must abide by proper courtroom etiquette and must enter through the southeast door of the School of Law. The Supreme Court employs security methods to insure the well-being of all who attend its proceedings and all attending the morning court sessions will be requested to pass through a metal detector. Backpacks and book bags should not be brought, and other bags and purses are subject to inspection and search by security personnel.

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