Fifty-two graduate and undergraduate students from seven colleges and universities throughout the region presented or commented on papers. The winning students received certificates and book prizes courtesy of Phi Alpha Theta.

Professor Laura Renée Chandler of South Dakota State University delivered the plenary lecture, "'Woman's Cause is One and Universal': Protest and Progress in the Work of Anna Julia Cooper."

The conference was sponsored by the USD Department of History and Phi Alpha Theta, the national honor society in history.

A list of the prize-winning students and their papers.

History of the United States in the Nineteenth Century
Nathan Chaplin, Creighton University
“Cuba, 1809-1901: The Stretch of American Imperialism and Manifest Destiny”

History of Vietnam
Usame Suud, Morningside College
“The German Contribution to the Tragedy of Vietnam”

History of the Cold War
David Hales, Northern State University
“Cold War as Imperial Inheritance: The United States, Britain, and the 1953 Iranian Coup”

Regional History
Emily D Widman, Morningside College
“Students’ Freedom of Speech and the Atmosphere in America that Sought to Hold It Back”

World History before the Twentieth Century
Dalton J Gehle, University of South Dakota
“The Trial of Socrates: An Analysis of the Defense, Prosecution, and Ethics”

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