Muckey, a junior economics major, will be sworn in on Tuesday, March 12 as SGA President while Hoffman, a sophomore political science major, is the new SGA Vice President following a close election last week where they defeated Stephen Bollinger, a junior from Pierre, S.D., and his running mate, Kara Fischbach, a sophomore from Mellette, S.D., 1,075 votes to 925 votes. The high voter turnout pleased Muckey, who noted that developing a Division I tradition at USD is one of his goals for the student body.

“As we have said throughout the campaign, ‘if we’re going to run with the big dogs, we need to start acting like them,’” stated Muckey, a senator with SGA prior to winning last week’s election. “Our school is incredibly unique compared to our Division 1 competitors, and I think it's important for our students to understand how special USD is and be a part of it. If we wish to be successful, we have to start building that tradition as students, and it starts with us.”

Providing a voice for USD students is another top priority for Muckey and Hoffman, who replace Alissa VanMeeteren, president, and DJ Smith, vice president.

“If we are going to be a real, true representation of the students, we have to get to know the students we serve and understand their needs,” he added. “We have spent an incredible amount of time speaking not just with student organizations but with individual students of all kinds and all backgrounds, and we will continue to do so.”

Muckey and Hoffman will serve a one-year term overseeing SGA Senators Brooke Richmond (College Fine Arts), Alexis Oskoloff (College of Arts & Sciences), William Belch (Arts & Sciences), Matthew Buhr (Arts & Sciences), Samantha Zoss (Arts & Sciences), Rachelle Norberg (Arts & Sciences), Isaiah Wonnenberg (Arts & Sciences), Michelle Corio (Arts & Sciences), Lexy Schuman (Arts & Sciences), Jessica Peterson (Arts & Sciences), Sean McCann (Arts & Sciences), Brent Olinger (Arts & Sciences), Alyssa Hanisch (School of Business), Katie Staley (Business), Emily Vanlaecken (School of Education), Micaela Duch (Education) and Ashley White (Graduate School).

“What I hope to see accomplished in our term is that we have integrated the Vermillion/USD community even further, giving students the chance to take part in important conversations about housing and economic development and also making students feel involved in the community itself,” Muckey noted. “If we focus on engaging students in the community that has given us so much, it gives students the chance to form new relationships and see what Vermillion has to offer while also showing the community that we care.”

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