“Carrie is an extremely talented and motivated young lady,” said Dan Van Peursem, her honors thesis advisor. “I knew she would continue to do great thing when she left here and it is a true privilege and joy see all her hard work and dedication pay off.”

Wintle, originally from Iroquois, South Dakota, is now a master’s student in accountancy valuations at Vanderbilt University.

In addition to completing prestigious internships at the nationally leading accounting firm, KPMG, Wintle recently developed Money $heep, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading financial literacy.

“My finance education was helping me understand the logistics of the budgeting process,” Wintle said, “The basic core concepts – things like budgeting, income and saving – I thought I could help others understand.”

One of the organization’s first projects was creating the children’s book, “Mr. Money $heep,” which is aimed at grades third through fifth and includes guided practices. “Mr. Money $heep” is centered around the five foundations of financial literacy: budgeting, saving, income, loans/debt, and investment risk. The goal is to deliver a copy of the book to third to fifth graders in South Dakota in recognition of Financial Literacy Month on April 30 or as Carrie calls it,  "Money $heep Monday."

Wintle will compete in the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City in September.

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