USD dual credit students who enroll as first-time, full-time students at the university may qualify to receive financial support over the course of four years at USD.

The program’s tiered approach for financial assistance is based on the number of USD dual credit courses taken prior to enrollment as a first-time, full-time student. Eligible students may receive up to $400 per year, or $1,600 over four years.

  • Tier 1 (1-6 credits) - $150/year, $600 total
  • Tier 2 (7-12credits) - $275/year, $1,100 total
  • Tier 3 (13+ credits) - $400/year, $1,600 total

The university developed this scholarship to make higher education more accessible for South Dakota dual credit students.

“One of the tenets of dual credit programs is that they make a college education more affordable,” said Scott Pohlson, vice president of USD Enrollment, Marketing and University Relations. “We recognize that many students taking these courses may rely on financial assistance to offset the cost of their education, and we are committed to meeting that need and expanding access to higher education in the state.”

As a four-year scholarship, the South Dakota Dual Credit Scholarship provides students with ongoing support throughout their undergraduate careers at USD.

“We want students to feel empowered to choose whatever higher education institution is the best fit for them,” Pohlson said. “We are proud to offer an enriching, liberal arts education at USD, and through the South Dakota Dual Credit Scholarship, we aim to extend that option to more individuals and celebrate the progress dual credit students have made towards earning their degrees.”

The South Dakota Dual Credit Scholarship does not replace Coyote Commitment or other scholarships and awards at USD. Students must earn a “C” or higher in all high school dual credit courses to be eligible for the scholarship.

For more information about the South Dakota Dual Credit Scholarship and dual credit options at USD, visit Please contact the Office of Admissions with any questions. 

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