"Our enrollment at USD continues to grow and that's attributable to several extraordinary factors, including outstanding faculty and state-of-the-art facilities for our School of Business as well as our School of Medicine and School of Health Sciences," said James W. Abbott, president of The University of South Dakota. "Given the condition of the national economy, students recognize that their education is an investment. At USD, our students have opportunities to pursue national and global scholarships, enroll in signature academic programs, and facilities that are second to none."

Since 2003, total enrollment at USD has increased more than 21 percent from 7,917 students to 9,617, and enrollment for 2009 – compared to just last fall – indicates an increase in overall cultural diversity on the USD campus: African-American student enrollment has increased by 24 percent over the previous fall while the Asian student population has grown by 6 percent since the fall of 2008. During that same timeframe (from Fall 2003 to Fall 2009), graduate enrollment at The U has increased by 23 percent. Between Fall 2008 and Fall 2009, graduate enrollment went up 9 percent to 2,004 students.

"Our student population at USD is indicative of providing extraordinary opportunities for all students," said Jeff Baylor, acting vice president of marketing, enrollment and student services. "This is a very exciting time to be a Coyote. Students are getting the best when it comes to their learning environment and that’s what they deserve from South Dakota's flagship university."

Additionally, non-resident enrollment has increased at The U by more than 8 percent since 2008 (2,643 non-resident students in 2009 compared to 2,452 non-resident students in 2008). While enrollment of students from South Dakota has increased 2 percent over last year, enrollment of students from Iowa (7 percent) and Minnesota (6 percent) has increased since 2008. In fact, total headcount at South Dakota’s six public universities increased more than 2 percent over a year ago. It's the 12th consecutive year that South Dakota’s public university system has reported record-high enrollments.

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