The exhibition will showcase painting, photography and graphic design.

Langefeld’s work features a series of landscape illustrations to express the repose she finds in nature.

Meyer’s work focuses on what society has left behind and forgotten. The places she chooses to photograph are slowly succumbing to the nature that was here long before us, yet it's still a beautiful sight to see. Meyer finds there to be a certain level of calm within these chaotic displays of destruction.

Johanson’s digital art and design stems from a foundation in traditional art forms. In her series of children’s book pages, she draws from the expression of basic human emotions and stories.

Tasa’s work is a reflection of growing up in rural South Dakota and the need to alter his identity in order to blend in. His goal is to question whether rural Midwest norms are helpful or harmful as well as to be a figure to which others with similar experiences can relate.

For more information about the exhibit, please contact Amy Fill, University Art Galleries Director, at 605-658-3437 or

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