USD has been a part of honoring the legacy of Dr. King, with hundreds of students volunteering over the past several years. Some of the programs and organizationsthat USD has worked with in the past for MLK Day include the Vermillion Backpack Program, SESDAC, Vermillion Public Library, Heartland Humane Society, Sanford Care Center, Yankton Boys and Girls Club and Yankton Homeless Shelter.

"There is a strong culture of volunteerism and community service here at USD in general," said Kim Albracht, assistant director of academic engagement, "so I think that we naturally get energized about being part of this very important national event. The MLK Day of Service is about people across the nation not only honoring King, but saying and demonstrating that we do care and want to work together to address core social issues our communities face."

"What I truly love about the MLK Day of Service is the immersion with local organizations that participants are able to be involved with," said Raven Blahnik, a student at USD. "This day of volunteering allows students to learn about their community and the people and problems within it. Alongside this, MLK Day allows participants to use their skills and knowledge to make a difference within their community."

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