ACS is the largest scientific society with over 161,000 members spanning over 100 countries. The theme for the ACS meeting was: “Chemistry & Global Stewardship” encompassing topics related to sustainability, green chemistry, and global cooperation to meet the growing energy demands and protection of the environment.

The ENFL division symposia included diverse topics such as Batteries and Fuel Cell Technologies, Biofuels, Carbon Dioxide Management, Hydrogen Fuel, and Petroleum Oil Production, Refining and Utilization. Koodali was responsible for the finalization of the technical program that included 658 abstracts covering 20 symposia and 76 oral sessions. The ENFL division contributed to 8.8 percent of the papers presented at the ACS meeting.

Koodali has been at USD since 2005. In that time, he has built an outstanding record in research, service and teaching. His research interests include nanomaterials, photocatalysis, environmental remediation, catalysis by metal oxides, and solar energy conversion to fuels. He consistently publishes in high impact journals, and the results of his scholarship have resulted in considerable external grant support. Koodali also takes an active role in the Photo Active Nanoscale Systems (PANS) collaboration where his research on transforming solar energy into fuel contributed significantly to the Research Infrastructure Improvement Award. He has gained significant national exposure as a national program co-chair of the ENFL for several national American Chemical Society meetings. A photo of Koodali is available for download at

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