Jiangchao Chen received the IBM-Löwdin Award for Postdoctoral Associates while Stephanie Jensen was awarded an IBM-Zerner Award for Graduate Students. Both students are part of a computational chemistry research group founded by Dmitri Kilin, assistant professor of chemistry at USD. They were among nine students recognized at the 2013 Sanibel Symposium, which is the longest running, privately-organized meeting in the field of the quantum theoretical treatment of electronic structure, spectra, and dynamics.

Chen was cited for his project, “Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics of Photodissociation of Lanthanide Cyclopentadienyl-type Precursors for Laser-Assisted MOCVD,” which conducts research about laser fragmentation of lanthanide complexes with monitoring by time-of-flight mass spectrometer. His experimental research is under the instruction of USD Chemistry Professor Mary Berry, Ph.D., who is a leading expert in lanthanide complexes and computational simulation. A photo of Chen receiving his award from Rod Bartlett, graduate research professor of chemistry and physics at the University of Florida, is available for download at www.usd.edu/press/news/images/releases/Jiangchao_Chen.jpg.

According to Kilin, Jensen has achieved great results within the last two years of her study, “Ab initio molecular dynamics of Ag, Ni, and Co doped titanium dioxide anatase (100) surface photo electrochemical cell.” Her research conducts computational modeling of hot carrier relaxation and charge transfer in surfaces of an important semiconductor - titanium dioxide. A photo of Jensen receiving her award from Bartlett is available for download at www.usd.edu/press/news/images/releases/Stephanie_Jensen.jpg.

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