"We are so very thankful to the more than 1,700 donors to Arts & Sciences who, with their gifts both large and small, have helped us reach this benchmark," said Matthew C. Moen, dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. "The gifts will provide students with scholarships and enriching educational experiences, and it will help Arts & Sciences build a world-class faculty."

USD Foundation President Steve Brown said an $11.35 million goal for the college, one of USD's eight schools and colleges, was set in 2011 during a feasibility study. More than $11.5 million already has been raised. "We are pleased to announce this step as a sign of progress toward achieving our overall Onward Campaign goal of $250 million," Brown said. "We're enjoying our partnership with Arts & Sciences, the heart of liberal arts education at USD."

Fundraising for Arts & Sciences continues because the needs are so great across its 16 academic departments and as part of the ongoing effort to realize the overall goals set by USD and the USD Foundation, Moen said.

"We pause briefly to savor the moment," Brown said. "But we continue to move Onward."

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