Auditions for students and the general public will include both singing and dance components. Actors should prepare two musical pieces, 32 bars of dramatic material and 16 bars of comedic. The singing audition is limited to three minutes and to be followed, in 30 minute blocks, by a dance combination session that will be performed near the end of the evening. Actors should reserve a specific audition time by signing up on the theatre callboard in the east hallway of the Warren M. Lee Center for the Fine Arts. Actors should dress to allow for expansive movement and bring their sheet music. An accompanist will be provided.

“Evita” also has a few ensemble roles for singing youth, particularly girls, ages 9 – 13. These auditions on Sept. 1 are in the Knutson Theatre. Youth will be asked to sing any song they know. No reservations are required for this audition.

The story of “Evita” centers on Eva Duarte who rose from poverty and illegitimacy to become a star of radio and film and the First Lady of Argentina. The original Broadway production won seven Tony Awards in 1979, and was adapted to film starring Madonna and Antonio Banderas. A revival of the show is expected on Broadway in the coming year.

Rehearsals for “Evita” will begin Tuesday, Sept. 7 with performances scheduled for Oct. 20 - 24. For more information, please contact Eric Hagen, director, at (605) 677-5736 or Matt Nesmith, music director, at (605) 677-5905.

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