Sixty-two percent of new students on the Vermillion campus received an award from the USD Foundation, other USD accounts or from other private sources outside the university.

USD’s most prestigious scholarships available to incoming freshmen are the George S. Mickelson, Presidential-Alumni, Dorothy C. Schieffer and Spearfish Area Scholarships. These scholarships provide recipients with four-year, renewable awards, provided the students meet the appropriate criteria.

Other significant renewable awards include Glenn E. & Barbara R. Ullyot Lakota Scholarship, awarded to Native American students who are members of recognized tribes; the School of Law Honors Scholar Program; the Sanford School of Medicine Alumni Student Scholars Program; the Beacom School of Business Scholarship; the Walter A. and Lucy Yoshioka Buhler Scholarship; the Allen H. Neuharth for Excellence in Journalism Scholarship; and the Coyote Commitment Scholars Program, awarded based on high school academic merit.

Read the names of the 2016-2017 freshmen recipients by state and hometown, the specific USD Foundation scholarship(s) and corresponding amount at this link.

Details of USD freshman scholarships and an application link for 2017-2018 awards are available online. The priority date to apply is Oct. 15 and the deadline is Dec. 1.

Download a photo: USD President James W. Abbott gives the convocation address to this fall's incoming freshmen class, which received $6.8 million in scholarships.

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