A selection committee chose the paper, “Charge Transfer Mechanism in Titanium-Doped Microporous Silica for Photovoltaic Water-Splitting Applications” by Wendi Sapp, Ranjit Koodali and Dmitri Kilin, based on originality, significance and on the number of downloads and citations of the paper in 2017 and 2018.

“This work was published due to a successful collaboration between experimental and computational chemists that include former USD graduate student Wendi Sapp and former USD computational chemistry professor Dmitri Kilin,” said Koodali. “This work validated a previously published experimental work from our group that had been well received by the scientific community, including a highlight in the National Science Foundation budget request to Congress for FY13.

The computational work related to solar energy conversion published in ‘Catalysts,’ is a reflection of the talent and caliber of USD graduate students and of the outstanding computational resources available at USD to conduct high-quality research.

“We are grateful to ‘Catalysts’ for recognizing the scientific importance of this paper and for the recognition,” added Koodali.

Koodali joined USD in 2005 and become a full professor and dean of the Graduate School in 2016.

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