The symposium is a day-long event where current research on topics such as floods, hydrology, sedimentology, effects of river management, riparian forests, and fish and wildlife, as well as some information on property management related to the river, will be discussed.

“One of the most important features of the symposium is its interdisciplinary nature, which encourages new and broader ways of thinking about the river and its management,” said David Swanson, Ph.D., director of research for the Missouri River Institute.

Speakers at the symposium include presenters from USD and federal and state government agencies.

“Bringing these different stakeholders together to discuss information about the latest science and adaptive management is critical for the future sustainability of the river and its resources,” Swanson said. “Few venues bring such a broad variety of stakeholders interested and involved in Missouri River issues together in one place.”

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The Missouri River Institute (MRI) seeks to increase interest in and knowledge about the Missouri River and its basin.

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