Powered by Christie Campus Health, Coyote Care is a program that connects students to a 24/7 clinic support line staffed exclusively by licensed mental health professionals. The support line provides access to unlimited clinical support, risk assessment, connections to therapy and other next steps, emergency response, identifying students of concern and reporting. The service can be used by all students, whether on or off campus or abroad.

“The launch of Coyote Care signifies an important step in ensuring that our students have access to immediate, 24/7 support from licensed mental health professionals,” said Debra Robertson, director of the Student Counseling Center. “We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive system that not only connects students to crucial resources when they need them most, but also creates a supportive environment that places their mental health as a top priority.”

Students can access Coyote Care by calling 833-569-1686.

Coyote Care replaces USD’s existing crisis line, which connected students to on-call counselors through the University Police Department.

Coyote Care can provide immediate, in-the-moment assistance to students going through a crisis, but students who are seeking long-term mental health services should reach out to the Student Counseling Center, whose team of licensed professionals offers a wide range of services including individual counseling, group therapy, prevention services and more.

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