Lio is a problem solver—and not just the problems on the whiteboard in his classroom.

“Math is not just only pure structure,” said Lio. “It is also a useful tool to solve real-life problems.”

His research projects aim to solve problems or improve methods in such areas as manufacturing, bioscience or economics.

“First, I create a probability model. Then I use pure math to solve the probability problem, typically estimating some unknown quantity in the model,” Lio said.

After finding a theoretical solution, and producing a corresponding algorithm, Lio uses a computer program to verify the result. The challenge is to create new and more accurate ways to predict, estimate and measure.

“There are always new factors to consider,” he said. “There is always room for improvement.”

Lio also mentors students to explore these research areas. Recently, five undergraduate and graduate students have worked with Lio and presented their research at math professional conferences. Some of their results have been accepted by math professional journals.

Working with co-authors around the world, Lio is never at a loss for issues to explore and statistical methods to improve.

“I like doing math, but I need to know the math I provide is really useful,” he said. “I am always looking for new problems.” 

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