Cowman’s presentation will discuss events that contributed to this year’s historic flood, including how the mainstem reservoir system failed to handle these events. Impacts of the flood on river geomorphology, the riparian ecosystem and infrastructure built in the floodplain will also be discussed. The presentation will conclude by looking at mainstem reservoir and floodplain management alternatives that would reduce the impact of future floods and provide opportunities for ecosystem restoration.

In addition to serving as director of the Missouri River Institute at USD, Cowman is a Natural Resources Administrator with the SD Geological Survey. He has a master’s degree in natural sciences from the University of South Dakota. His work includes research on the geology and history of the Missouri River, with a focus on current and historical river geomorphology. He also studies the Missouri River steamboat era and was part of a team that conducted a survey of the North Alabama steamboat discovery.

Co-sponsored by the USD Missouri River Institute and Northern Prairies Land Trust, “The Missouri River Flood of 2011: Causes, Impacts, and Post-flood Policy Decisions” is free and open to the public.

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