The South Dakota Advantage tuition program offers new freshmen and transfer students from Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and Colorado a tuition rate equivalent to the resident undergraduate rate set at each South Dakota public university. Students from Nebraska and Iowa already receive in-state tuition rates for South Dakota public universities. Minnesota is not part of the new program since the state of South Dakota has a long-standing tuition reciprocity agreement with Minnesota.

“Our goal is to grow enrollments, meet South Dakota’s workforce needs and bring additional financial resources to our universities and the state,” said SDBOR President Kevin Schieffer. “Our data show 30 percent of non-resident students stay in South Dakota to pursue a career after graduation. This is an important demographic for us to engage.”

Scott Pohlson, vice president of enrollment, marketing and university relations at the University of South Dakota, said the South Dakota Advantage tuition program builds on the success South Dakota universities have seen by offering in-state rates to students from Nebraska and Iowa. This year at USD, enrollment by students from Nebraska increased by 25 percent and enrollment by students from Iowa increased by 8.4 percent.

“USD has witnessed tremendous enrollment growth from students from Iowa and Nebraska, and we continue to look for new opportunities to diversify our student body,” Pohlson said. “The value USD offers has resonated with these students, and we want to spread that message in as many states as possible.”

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