Hibbing is currently the Foundation Regents Professor of Political Science and Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. For nearly 20 years, he studied Congress, congressional careers, congressional elections, comparative legislatures, and public opinion toward Congress. Then, about a decade ago, he, John Alford (Rice University) and Kevin Smith (UNL) began investigating the role of biological factors in explaining political variation – an uncommon approach for the discipline of political science at the time. He previously edited the Legislative Studies Quarterly, served as chair of the American Political Science Association’s Legislative Studies Section and co-authored “Congress as Public Enemy” and “Stealth Democracy” (with Elizabeth Theiss-Morse). A NATO Fellow in Science and a Senior Fulbright Fellow, Hibbing was recently elected a Fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Named for William O. “Doc” Farber (1910-2007), who led a distinguished career in political science at USD for more than three decades, the W.O. Farber Memorial Lecture Series aims to provide students and the public with insight into national and state politics, campaigns and elections, public administration issues and international relations.

USD’s Political Science League, a non-partisan student organization, is dedicated to providing opportunities that facilitate political discourse on current local, national, and international issues in order to generate heightened political awareness in the student body and community. More information about the W.O. Farber Memorial Lecture Series and the USD Department of Political Science is available at www.usd.edu/polsci.

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