Curry, who plays fictional character Sammy Kay Knight – an English teacher and veteran of the All-American Red Heads professional basketball team, summarizes women’s experiences in sports and exercise. Sammy Kay draws laughs as she shares historical and contemporary pictures from her scrapbooks with a reporter who has come to interview her before a faculty-student game.

Curry’s dramatic monologue, based on research, experience and shared stories, recognizes the humor and history of such things as modified rules for girl athletes, the 19th century bicycle craze, play days, sport fashions, medical theories, ancient Greeks, Olympic sex tests, race, the All-Girls Professional Baseball League, high school gym class, Little League, media coverage and Title IX.

The U brings Curry to campus to celebrate the efforts and successes of its women athletes, and to stimulate dialogue about issues of equity and access. "Nice Girls Don’t Sweat" is a comedic, thought-provoking performance appropriate for most ages. Admission is free and the event is open to the public. A photo of Curry is also available for download at For more information, contact Amanda Emerson at (605) 677-5732 or

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