While overall enrollment is down slightly this academic year to 9,971 and there are fewer part-time students, the freshman class is 4.5 percent larger, the total number of full-time equivalent students is up and USD retained more students this year, he said. Considering the ongoing discussion about skills, USD is doing extremely well in growing its freshman class at a time when South Dakota’s university system was flat, Abbot said.

Other items of note:

  • The current student population is 60 percent female and 40 percent male; 60 percent are in-state residents and 40 percent come from other states and countries; and the number of minority students is up. “We are becoming more diverse,” Abbott said.
  • Undergraduate majors were up in Business, Education and special/undeclared but down in Arts & Sciences, Health Sciences and Fine Arts.
  • At the graduate level, the number of majors is higher for Health Sciences, Business, Fine Arts, Medicine, Law and graduate/special but down in Arts &  Sciences and Education.
  • A student satisfaction survey found significant improvements since 2013 in the effectiveness of instruction; academic advising; admissions, recruitment and financial aid; campus life; registration; the campus climate; student centeredness and concern for the individual; and campus support services.
  • The student survey also found some areas of potential improvement, including: commitment to racial harmony; financial aid; athletic programs that contribute to school spirit; adequate computer labs; availability of tutoring; comfortable living conditions in residence halls; enough weekend activities; putting student activity fees to good use; tuition being worth the investment; and adequate student parking.
  • The new basketball/volleyball arena and track/soccer complex are on schedule and several other building projects are planned, though they will require major donations. “The campus and grounds have never looked better,” Abbott said.
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