Newland, Ph.D., a counseling and psychology in education professor in the School of Education, Roh, Ph.D., an assistant social work professor in the School of Health Sciences, Health Sciences Dean Michael Lawler, Ph.D., and others are part of an international consortium of researchers called the Children’s World International Survey of Children’s Well-Being (ISCWeB) that's investigating children's self-perceptions of their lives and well-being as well as factors that support child well-being.

The Children’s Institute at the University of Cape Town hosted the September conference. Partners included the African Child Policy Forum, UNICEF and the Poverty and Inequality Initiative of the University of Cape Town. Researchers from 25 countries who have worked together using the Children’s Worlds instrument to measure young people’s perceptions and evaluations of their lives met to share their findings and identify common factors predicting child well-being.

Newland also traveled to Berlin in July to work with another international research group focused on designing a complementary qualitative study of child well-being, a project that is ongoing in collaboration with faculty in USD’s School of Health Sciences.

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