Dr. Jeffrey Simons, professor of psychology, and Dr. Raluca Gaher, assistant professor of psychology, are examining several social, psychological, environmental and genetic factors that contribute to individual differences in resilience and vulnerability. The project uses several advanced methods of data collection, including near real-time monitoring of behavior with palmtop computers. The ultimate goal of the researchers is to improve care for the country’s newest generation of veterans.

The research is being conducted with partners at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Sioux Falls, S.D. and the Veteran Health Care System in Bay Pines, Fla. Drs. Simons and Gaher are also collaborating with a behavioral geneticist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, an electrochemical engineering firm in Boston, Mass., and a leading expert in longitudinal modeling at the University of California-Davis.

“The importance of this research project cannot be understated,” said Dr. Laura Jenski, vice president for research at USD. “It brings together team members from multiple disciplines to provide a full scope of solutions and technologies with the hope of providing new inlets of treatment in caring for our veterans.”

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